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Alternatives – Netværksmøde 2021-IV

Theme – Are Infrastructure Investments an efficient inflation hedge?
In several countries around the globe, inflation has reached levels not seen for several years and often pre-GFC. With monetary and fiscal policy being very accommodative and rising energy prices, focus has shifted from deflation to rising inflation. Will it be transitory or are we seeing a new regime with high and persistent inflation?

Infrastructure investments are often said to be an effective hedge against inflation, either due to embedded contractual escalators or simply the fact that the often monopolistic structures allow for rising prices in an inflationary environment. But are they really a good hedge or is it all kippers and curtains?

To set the scene, we have invited Frank Hvid Petersen, Earlybird Research & Education to share his views on risks and outlook for inflation. Afterwards Roger Pim, Senior Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments and Henrik Olejasz Larsen, Chief Investment Officer, Sampension will discuss infrastructure investments as inflation hedges.


Welcome and introductory comments
Inflation – Risks and Outlook
Frank Hvid Petersen, Msc (Econ), Earlybird Research & Education
Infrastructure – A Source For Inflation Protection
Roger Pim, Senior Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments
Institutional Infrastructure Investments and their Inflation Resilience
Henrik Olejasz Larsen, Chief Investment Officer, Sampension
Network discussions
Concluding remarks

Frank Hvid Petersen

Earlybird Research & Education

Frank Hvid Petersen har en solid teoretisk og praktisk erfaring med makroøkonomi og finansielle markeder efter næsten 25 års arbejde inden for finanssektoren. Han har været chef for strategi og porteføljestyring hos Carnegie Investment Bank, Chief Investment Strategist i Nordea samt cheføkonom og chief equity strategist hos Alfred Berg. Han har vundet flere topplaceringer i den årlige Prospera undersøgelse blandt institutionelle investorer af de bedste makroøkonomi- og aktiestrategianalytikere.

Roger Pim, Senior Investment Director & Head of Strategy and Business Development

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Roger is based in Aberdeen Standard Investments Edinburgh office, and in addition to investment and asset management, is responsible for strategy and business development. He has over twenty years’ experience in Private Markets, has been involved with the Economic Infrastructure business since inception, and is a member of the investment committee.
Roger sits on the Board of Directors of CERI and NGT and is responsible for ESG integration across the business.
Prior to joining in 2002, Roger worked for Goldman Sachs in London in their corporate finance team undertaking a number of transactions in the energy space. Roger has a MA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh.

Henrik Olejasz Larsen, Chief Investment Officer


Henrik er cand. polit. og har siden 2007 været investeringsdirektør Sampension. Før dette var han Chief Risk Officer i ATP og tidligere ansvarlig for Structured Finance i Carnegie Bank, Danmark, direktør og chef for finansafdelingen i Danske Bank, administrerende direktør i Juristernes og Økonomernes Pensionskasse og i mange år i BRFkredit, senest som fondsdirektør.

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6. January 2022
13:00 - 14:55
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