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Operational Risk Workshop

Preventive Key Risk Indicators and Risk Appetite

Useful, preventive key risk indicators (KRIs) flag rises in risks before incidents occur. It is possible to design preventative KRIs, provided organisations understand their risk drivers and are willing to take a renewed look at their reporting practice on performance and controls. In particular, Boards and Executive managers are in need of high-level KRIs allowing them to assess whether a business is running within risk appetite and to flag unwanted excessive risk-taking.

Next, the session will detail a step by step framework to select, design and reporting on preventive key risks indicators, allowing participants to work in group or individually to apply the method to develop their own KRIs.

For the first time in Copenhagen in several years, Dr. Chapelle will host an interactive session for executives and risk specialists, discussing the alingment and interactions between risk appetite and business strategy and how risk appetite monitoring is supported by KRIs. Dr. Chapelle will discuss and take questions on KRIs for high profile operational risks, such as Cyber security, conduct, third party management and fraud.


  • KRI, KPI, KCIs: concepts,overlaps and examples
  • Essential features of preventive KRIs
  • Classifying KRIs: Environmental, Stress, Causal and Failure
  • KRI Design: Frequency – Trigger levels – Escalation criteria – Ownership – Data accuracy
  • Six steps to define and design preventive KRIs
  • KRIs and Risk Appetite

Class Interaction: review your KRI list

Host: Dr. Ariane Chapelle

ARIANE CHAPELLE, PhD, is Associate Professor (Honorary Reader) at University College London for the course ‘Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions’ and is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk and a trainer for the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), for whom she designed the Certificate of Learning and Practice in Advanced Operational Risk Management.

She is a former holder of the Chair of International Finance at the University of Brussels. She has been active in operational risk management since 2000 and is a former head of operational risk management at ING Group and Lloyds Banking Group.

Dr. Chapelle runs her own training and consulting practice in risk management. Her clients include Tier 1 financial organisations and international financial institutions.

Her new textbook “Operational Risk Management: best practices in the financial services industry” is published by Wiley in December 2018.

More details on www.chapelleconsulting.com

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22. January 2019
14:00 - 17:00
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