23. October 2015 8:00 — 14. September 2017 10:00
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Rich Thinking: Research Findings 2015

Please join Barbara Stewart, CFA and author of the Rich Thinking series of white papers on women and financial issues, as she explores the research findings from her fifth and final study, entitled The Future of Women and Finance. The report is being launched globally in celebration of International Women’s Day.



Lene Boserup, CFA

The Future of Women and Finance
Barbara Stewart, CFA – Partner, Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc


Barbara’s talk starts out with a quick review of her key findings from the past four years of white papers. When it comes to women and money: 1) actions speak louder than words; 2) women learn through stories; 3) women invest in causes and concerns that matter to them; and 4) smart women get started investing.

As part of her 2015 Research, Barbara interviewed 50 global leaders, both men and women, to uncover five broad themes for the future of women and finance:
The new target market is the financially confident woman: Barbara will describe the financially confident women, what she looks like, how she’s different from women in the past, and how your marketing plan needs to change to meet her demands.

We will all be feminists in business: What is a feminist? Barbara will talk about the new definitions of this loaded word; how this new trend will affect your company, and what changes need to be made.

The new business equation: more women = more money: Women are earning more money, controlling more money and making more financial decisions. Barbara will tell you how you can capitalize on this opportunity.

Earn respect from women through transparency and trust: Trust and transparency have always been important, but Barbara will explore some of the ways in which women think about these issues that might be different.

Technology changes everything: sharing, mobile & data: Mobile has changed the way we do business, and women ‘get’ social media. Barbara asks: does your company have a Chief Social Officer? Is she a woman? If not, why not?
These are just some highlights, but the full talk has deeper dives on all of these issues, featuring insights from male and female thought leaders around the world, and Barbara’s unique approach to putting it all in language that welcomes both women and men; senior executives or more junior workers hoping to learn; and both those with a corporate focus as well as those who are looking for personal insights. Barbara’s talk is especially useful for young women 16-34, who are just getting started on their own financial journeys.

Mrs. Stewart has been advising high net worth families for nearly 20 years, maintaining a highly professional approach to Building investment strategies that reflect individual client objectives. Her responsibilities include portfolio management and new business Development.

Prior to Cumberland, Mrs. Stewart worked as an Investment counselor for high net worth clients at a private, Toronto based investment firm, and before that on the institutional foreign currency-trading desk for BMO
Nesbitt Burns. She is a shareholder of Cumberland Partners Limited, the firm’s parent Company.

Mrs. Stewart has conducted significant research in the area of women and finance, she writes and is frequently quoted in the media.

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23. October 2015 @ 8:00
14. September 2017 @ 10:00