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Vi har konverteret årets “AI Conference 2020 – Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Capital Markets” til webinar format og er glade for nu at kunne invitere dig til dette andet webinar, hvor temaet er “Asset Management og AI”.

Hvor langt vi er kommet med brugen af kunstig intelligens indenfor Asset Management?

Hør Ed Fang, Director of Research fra Man Numeric tale om ”Applying Quant Models in the Era of Data Explosion”, og oplev bruger cases fra Marco Fasoli, Co-CEO & Co-Founder fra A.I. Machines, når han taler om ”Man vs Machines: What’s The Score? How AI is being applied to live portfolios to enhance asset managers’ investment performance and margins”.

Der vil være mulighed for at stille spørgsmål på den efterfølgende Q&A.

NB: Mødet afholdes på engelsk. Tilmeldingsfrist torsdag den 25. juni kl. 14.00.


15.00 Welcome and meeting instructions
Michael Albrechtslund, CEO, Finansforeningen/CFA Society Denmark
15.05 Man vs Machines: What’s The Score?
How AI is being applied to live portfolios to enhance asset managers’ investment performance and margins. 

Marco Fasoli, PhD, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, A.I. Machines
15.25 Questions to Marco Fasoli
15.40 Applying Quant Models in the Era of Data Explosion
Ed Fang, Director of Research, Man Numeric
16.00 Questions to Ed Fang
16.15 Thank you for today


Marco Fasoli
A.I. Machines

Dr Marco Fasoli is Co-CEO and co-Founder of A.I. Machines (www.a-i-machines.com), a UK financial technology company specialised in the development, application and operation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions for investment management. A.I. Machines has developed a multi-purpose predictive and risk management software engine (“PIE Predictive Investment Engine” or “PIE”) based on, and, driven by, AI and ML. PIE recreates the entire investment process required to manage any type of (liquid) discretionary or quantitative portfolio, including data processing, asset price forecasting and portfolio risk management. PIE is currently powering 15 distinct live AI portfolios for institutional clients since its commercial launch in March 2017, including the world’s first balanced UCITS fund operated solely by AI. Previously, Dr Fasoli was a Managing Director of Jefferies LLC, a Partner and Managing Director of Broadview International LLC, a Partner and Director of Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett Inc., and a Senior Associate at Booz Allen & Hamilton. Dr Fasoli holds PhD, MA and BA degrees in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and his academic work has been published in leading scientific journals including the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Ed Fang
Man Numeric

Ed Fang is head of research at Man Numeric. Ed joined Man Numeric in 2005 and has been actively engaged in a broad spectrum of research, ranging from bottom-up alpha models to top-down dynamic asset allocation and alternative investment products. He has also been responsible for developing and managing several innovation portfolios within Man Numeric’s absolute return and alternative beta strategies. Ed received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Economics and Management Information Science from Fudan University in China. He also received a doctorate degree in economics from Duke University. Ed is a CFA charterholder.

Mødet er arrangeret af foreningens Fintech udvalg.


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25. June 2020
15:00 - 16:15
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